[sword-devel] How to log out Strongs modules for development

David Troidl DavidTroidl at aol.com
Tue Dec 14 06:33:48 MST 2010


On 12/14/2010 7:01 AM, David Instone-Brewer wrote:
> Dear Daniel
> I was hoping to look at the possibility of adding a "Root" field to 
> the Strongs modules, so that people could do a search for similar words.
> As a starting point I was going to find a programming way of 
> identifying clusters from Strong's own internal links to similar words,
> and then look through for obvious errors (that's the tricky bit!).
> It would be nice to make a distinction between "root" and "lemma", but 
> this would take more sophistication.
The root field would be a wonderful idea.  Darrell Smith and I had done 
some work on Hebrew roots a while back.  He may have more to say on this 
point.  On OpenScriptures, we also have my BDB Outline, which gives a 
rough approximation of derivation 
(https://github.com/openscriptures/HebrewLexicon).  The project is in a 
state of flux right now, but the current version is at least consistent.

On the Greek side, I have a Greek lexicon, that I use for recording my 
translation choices.  It also contains a derivative field, that may be 
of use.  I could probably extract that, if it would help.


> Initially I just need a copy of the project at present (in XML or 
> similar) to see if the plan is feasible.
> If I get some sensible results, it looks like the best thing to do is 
> to send them to you for incorporation into the official module.
> Is that right?
> BTW the Strongs Greek v.1.4 still lists 5054 (teknwn) as derived from 
> 5098.
> This should be derived from "5088". This is in error in all online 
> versions of Strongs
> This error led someone to publish a book last year saying that Jesus 
> was actually the son of a judge, and was a respected member of the 
> establishment, because 5098 is /_timoria_/ from 5097; vindication, 
> i.e. (by implication) a penalty:--punishment.
> Its frightening what can happen as a result of bad OCR.
> David IB
> At 22:25 13/12/2010, Daniel Owens wrote:
>> On 12/13/2010 04:06 PM, Peter von Kaehne wrote:
>>> On 13/12/10 16:13, David Haslam wrote:
>>>> If you wish to obtain the OSIS source text for a module, then you'd 
>>>> need to
>>>> contact the relevant CrossWire volunteer.
>>> The Strong modules are created using TEI not OSIS.
>>> I am not sure (though Chris Little will know) if this :
>>> http://files.morphgnt.org/strongs-dictionary/
>>> and our source is the same, but I would think nevertheless this is a
>>> quality source for TEI encoded Strongs.
>>> Another, interesting (though I think, quite sleepy) project is here:
>>> http://www.textonline.org/wiki/Textonline.org:Current_events
>>> Unfortunate the site appears to be in difficulties. The site uses a
>>> variant of SFM to encode which should be easily translatable into TEI on
>>> completion.
>>> Peter
>> Sleepy is a great way to describe our project at textonline.org! I 
>> get to it after semesters close (which is right now for us in 
>> America), and I need to chase down our provider to fix the site's 
>> database! Hopefully when my dissertation is done I will make lots of 
>> progress.
>> Currently the effort in regard to Greek is essentially dormant. For 
>> Hebrew, I am working on checking the glosses that you, David IB, 
>> obtained from the OLB lexicon to make sure they conform to BDB and 
>> Strongs, thus moving the source way from the OLB source and toward 
>> public domain material. I am using WeSay, a program written by SIL to 
>> enable collaboration in developing lexicons. The files are in LIFT 
>> XML and housed at LanguageDepot.org. If you or someone you know would 
>> like to contribute to the ongoing work, register there and let me 
>> know so I can get you (or another) set up to contribute. WeSay uses 
>> Mercurial for version control, but all the user does is click 
>> Send/Receive button in WeSay. It is really user-friendly once it is 
>> set up. Once I get the textonline.org site back up and running I will 
>> make sure the instructions there are clear.
>> But for Strongs, another source is at OpenScriptures.org. I think 
>> they are working on perfecting a Strong's source in OSIS.
>> Daniel
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