[sword-devel] Linked in audio files

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Aug 25 03:57:53 MST 2010

> Von: Chris Little <chrislit at crosswire.org>
> OSIS does have <a>, with more or less standard semantics. (It supports 
> the href attribute, but not name). But I'd recommend using <a> only if 
> you want to link to an external page/object (e.g. you want to force 
> front ends to launch an external player). I think front ends ought to 
> have the flexibility to play audio in-line, such as by rendering the 
> OSIS <figure> as HTML5 <audio>.
> I think the standard way of implementing audio Bibles is to chop the 
> text into chapter-sized chunks/files and have verses indicate indexes 
> into the chapter files. So if verse 10 is 15 seconds into the chapter 
> audio, playing verse 10 will start at +15 seconds and continue to the 
> end of the chapter. I'm not saying that couldn't be improved on, just 
> that that's what I've seen done.

Thanks, this is very helpful Chris. I guess <figure> it is then. I guess this will run past the filters too, so frontends can use it or ignore it as they wish.

re offsetting - is there any real concern that any modern implementation of a media player can not deal with offset? How would we code the offset?

re format - I do see the concerns re patents etc, but does this really affect anyone who distributes e.g. mp3 files? I would think the problem is not with files but with players. And as we would use only build-in players (either via rendering engine or external) it is also of no real concern to us either, is it? Mind you, as a non-American I find the matter more quaint then concerning as these things (software patents) do not apply here really. 

So, anyway, I would suggest that we allow - just as with images - a variety of file types and just hope for (gradual) expansion of any deficient media players (here mp3, ogg and aac) - and steer confused souls towards ogg.
. I would guess as long as people are sensible we will not have to deal with really strange codecs anyway. People like those lot who insist on producing RTF marked up modules will not listen anyway - even if we tell them that we do not support x,y or z. "But it works on frontend ....!"

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