[sword-devel] Linked in audio files

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Aug 25 02:47:49 MST 2010

On 8/24/2010 2:10 PM, Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> Matthew Talbert<ransom1982 at gmail.com>  writes:
>>> I thought of that. But images have a separate tag (figure, I think)
> OSIS<figure>, ThML<img>.

If you mean to embed the audio in-line, I would recommend using the 
<figure> element. There's nothing specifically image-oriented about the 
element, aside from implications made by its name.

>>> a generic<a>  does not exist, does it?
> Only in ThML, I'm pretty sure.

It's easy enough to check: 

OSIS does have <a>, with more or less standard semantics. (It supports 
the href attribute, but not name). But I'd recommend using <a> only if 
you want to link to an external page/object (e.g. you want to force 
front ends to launch an external player). I think front ends ought to 
have the flexibility to play audio in-line, such as by rendering the 
OSIS <figure> as HTML5 <audio>.

I think the standard way of implementing audio Bibles is to chop the 
text into chapter-sized chunks/files and have verses indicate indexes 
into the chapter files. So if verse 10 is 15 seconds into the chapter 
audio, playing verse 10 will start at +15 seconds and continue to the 
end of the chapter. I'm not saying that couldn't be improved on, just 
that that's what I've seen done.


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