[sword-devel] Audio text linkage

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Aug 19 01:50:09 MST 2010

OSIS based modules can validly have embedded media of variety of sorts.
So far we have only embedded images, maps etc.

We (David and I) have now received a request for a kind of
"audiobrowser" for a Bible text.

If we were to get the readings of each Bible book, say, chopped into
chapters, in ,say, mp3 format, is there any frontend which would
actually pick this up and start a media player to play the associated
file, if it was appropriately linked in from the module text?

Or, would it it a straightforward thing to add? I think the contact we
have was particularly keen to have this done for the mobile frontends.
As the Bible text we are talking about is for a mostly oral culture this
would go a long way to assist some folks.


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