[sword-devel] Announcing the Open Scriptures Morphological Hebrew Bible module

Daniel Owens dhowens at pmbx.net
Sun Apr 11 18:24:52 MST 2010

Today the Open Scriptures Morphological Hebrew Bible (morphology 
forthcoming), or OSMHB, made it onto the module repository (thanks 
Chris!). This module is basically the WLC with Strong's numbers (thanks 
to David Troidl and others). This is a major step forward for Hebrew 
readers in the SWORD orb, and hopefully in the years to come we will be 
able to add not just lemma but also morphology.

However, I hope front-end developers will make use of it as a real-world 
example of a module following an alternative versification (Leningrad). 
I have used it most in BibleTime, and when I cycle through books it does 
so in the Hebrew order rather than the KJV order, so that's very cool. 
It would be great to see the corresponding verses match up correctly in 
a parallel view and verses that don't fit with the KJV not lopped off, 
as in some cases currently (for example, MT Ps 3:9 is lopped off in 
BibleDesktop and in BibleTime when in parallel with the ESV).


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