[sword-devel] Announcing the Open Scriptures Morphological Hebrew Bible module

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Apr 11 20:32:19 MST 2010

Daniel Owens wrote:
> Today the Open Scriptures Morphological Hebrew Bible (morphology 
> forthcoming), or OSMHB, made it onto the module repository (thanks 
> Chris!). This module is basically the WLC with Strong's numbers (thanks 
> to David Troidl and others). This is a major step forward for Hebrew 
> readers in the SWORD orb, and hopefully in the years to come we will be 
> able to add not just lemma but also morphology.
> However, I hope front-end developers will make use of it as a real-world 
> example of a module following an alternative versification (Leningrad). 
> I have used it most in BibleTime, and when I cycle through books it does 
> so in the Hebrew order rather than the KJV order, so that's very cool. 
> It would be great to see the corresponding verses match up correctly in 
> a parallel view and verses that don't fit with the KJV not lopped off, 
> as in some cases currently (for example, MT Ps 3:9 is lopped off in 
> BibleDesktop and in BibleTime when in parallel with the ESV).

Quick note about the OSMHB modules.... As with a few other modules, I 
released two versions simultaneously. There's a version 1.0 that uses 
the KJV v11n, in the public repo. And then there's a 2.0 in the 
experimental repo that uses the native Leningrad v11n. The latter is 
more ideal and is what Daniel is referring to above as a real-world 
example of av11n for developers to use.


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