[sword-devel] Devanagari text displays different in SWORD than in the source IMP file

David Haslam d.haslam at ukonline.co.uk
Mon Sep 7 00:17:37 MST 2009

Hi Tim,

By pasting your reply into SC Unipad, I have found the actual difference.

After the Virama, U+094D

The correct one has     U+200D Zero-width joiner
The Sword one has      U+200C Zero-width non-joiner

My guess is that this is a bug deep in the Sword engine. 

We need Troy's expert eyes to find the root cause.

-- David Haslam

Tim Chase-13 wrote:
> Hi David
> I have tried several different Unicode fonts and still the display of some
> words are incorrect.  For instance you might want to try to display the
> first word of Mark 1:1 of the text that I sent you.  The correct rendering
> of this word is परमेश्‍वरका  but the way SWORD renders the text, it looks
> like परमेश्‌वरका .  which is an incorrect rendering of the 4th character
> in the word which should be a half character.  You'll notice the hylanta
> below that character position. That is a half character marker but, it
> should be invisable on this word.  Any words that have half characters
> have the hylanta showing in SPW.  Try BPBible and the words will render
> correctly.  
> I know the differences are slight but they do make a difference.
> Tim

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