[sword-devel] Devanagari text displays different in SWORD than in the source IMP file

David Haslam d.haslam at ukonline.co.uk
Mon Sep 7 00:28:17 MST 2009

Or rather the front end rendering engine...

Tim wrote me as follows,

Take a real close look at the first word on Mark 1:1 and you’ll see that the
text is rendered differently on BPBible than on both Bible Desktop and
Alkitab Bible.  The correct rendering is from BPBible.   When you see the
hylanta below the word, that is a good indicator that the word is being
rendered incorrectly – though not in all cases.  I didn’t catch this when I
first did the module creation.  I took the demo over to the Nepal Bible
Society and they immediately noticed that words with half letters were not
displaying correctly.  

According to Peter von Kaehne, developers of these Bible front ends have a
choice over what rendering engine they are going to use.  Apparently some
are better at rendering complex scripts than others.

-- David

David Haslam wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> By pasting your reply into SC Unipad, I have found the actual difference.
> After the Virama, U+094D
> The correct one has     U+200D Zero-width joiner
> The Sword one has      U+200C Zero-width non-joiner
> My guess is that this is a bug deep in the Sword engine. 
> We need Troy's expert eyes to find the root cause.
> -- David Haslam
> Tim Chase-13 wrote:
>> Hi David
>> I have tried several different Unicode fonts and still the display of
>> some words are incorrect.  For instance you might want to try to display
>> the first word of Mark 1:1 of the text that I sent you.  The correct
>> rendering of this word is परमेश्‍वरका  but the way SWORD renders the
>> text, it looks like परमेश्‌वरका .  which is an incorrect rendering of the
>> 4th character in the word which should be a half character.  You'll
>> notice the hylanta below that character position. That is a half
>> character marker but, it should be invisable on this word.  Any words
>> that have half characters have the hylanta showing in SPW.  Try BPBible
>> and the words will render correctly.  
>> I know the differences are slight but they do make a difference.
>> Tim

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