[sword-devel] More installmgr woes...

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 00:04:43 MST 2009

>  mkdir -p $SWORD_PATH/mods.d

> The need for the mkdir -p command seems odd to me, because -init "sounds
> like" it should initialize the data area for me, including creating
> whatever subdirectories it needs.  But without that mkdir -p, or if I
> rfeplace it with mkdir -p $SWORD_PATH , the sequence above does not work
> for me here.

This would explain Greg's problem as well. SWORD does a lookup of
directories where it can install things or where modules should be
found, but it does this on the basis of having a mods.d directory in
the directories it's looking at. Otherwise it won't consider it a
valid module location. Therefore, on Xiphos startup, we always create
~/.sword/mods.d if it does not exist. Because on a clean installation,
none of the standard locations (eg, ~/.sword, ~/sword,
/usr/share/sword, ./, ../) have subdirectories named mods.d,
installmgr can't find a location to install to. Rather than warning
about this, it appears that it goes ahead and downloads and then isn't
able to install.

I don't know whether or not installmgr should create a mods.d
directory somewhere if it doesn't exist or not; I'm just explaining
the current behavior.


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