[sword-devel] More installmgr woes...

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Tue Sep 1 09:05:01 MST 2009

Dear Greg,

Someone reported on IRC #sword to me (I thought it might have been you) 
that SWORD 1.6.0 does not error out if it cannot determine your SWORD 
module library path.

This was your first problem: you set SWORD_PATH _after_ you ran installmgr.

svn head should now error out if SWORD isn't configured correctly.

I think installmgr from svn head still silently fails if it doesn't have 
permission to write to the configured SWORD library path.  This is 
slated to be fixed.  My guess is that this might be your second problem 
(write permission to /usr/local/share/sword ?).

Could you try something for me?  Try installing global modules to 
/usr/local/share/sword by becoming root (this will give us a fresh 
~/.sword et. al.):

su -
export SWORD_PATH=/usr/local/share/sword
~greg/src/sword-svn/utilities/installmgr -init
~greg/src/sword-svn/utilities/installmgr -sc
~greg/src/sword-svn/utilities/installmgr -r CrossWire
~greg/src/sword-svn/utilities/installmgr -ri CrossWire KJV

Let me know if it works.


Greg Hellings wrote:
> I just installed SWORD 1.6.0 from tarball onto another fresh system.
> I built as a regular user (greg), installed with sudo make install.
> I ran sudo installmgr -sc
> Then sudo installmgr -ri CrossWire KJV with output:
> <snip>
> Installed module: [KJV]
> Then export SWORD_PATH=/usr/local/share/sword
> Everything seemed to go as planned, except,
> diatheke -b system -k modulelist
> reports no modules found.  Quite appropirately, /usr/local/share/sword
> has only mods.d and locales.d directories, both of which are empty.  I
> updated to SVN HEAD - same procedure, same results.  Seems like
> installmgr is still useless to a fresh install.  I have no idea what
> it thinks it is doing, but it's sure not installing the modules.  I
> don't know where it's installing (it claims ***** destPath:
> /home/greg//.sword/InstallMgr/20081216195754/modules/texts/ztext/kjv/ot.bzz
> but nothing is there).  The tool is quite loquacious, though, telling
> me all sorts of information about cURL.
> --Greg
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