[sword-devel] More installmgr woes...

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 13:24:58 MST 2009

I just installed SWORD 1.6.0 from tarball onto another fresh system.

I built as a regular user (greg), installed with sudo make install.

I ran sudo installmgr -sc

Then sudo installmgr -ri CrossWire KJV with output:
Installed module: [KJV]

Then export SWORD_PATH=/usr/local/share/sword

Everything seemed to go as planned, except,

diatheke -b system -k modulelist

reports no modules found.  Quite appropirately, /usr/local/share/sword
has only mods.d and locales.d directories, both of which are empty.  I
updated to SVN HEAD - same procedure, same results.  Seems like
installmgr is still useless to a fresh install.  I have no idea what
it thinks it is doing, but it's sure not installing the modules.  I
don't know where it's installing (it claims ***** destPath:
but nothing is there).  The tool is quite loquacious, though, telling
me all sorts of information about cURL.


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