[sword-devel] Apostolic Bible Polyglot

Daniel Bearden dpbearden at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 18:54:14 MST 2009

I've made numerous updates and corrections to the Apostolic Bible Polyglot
osis files.

1. The numbers between brackets are now marked as superscript.
2. Inserted missing strong's numbers in hundreds of places.
3. Numerous typographical errors.
4. "Lord" tagged with DivineName
5. Used transChange tag for added text

Should the <hi type="acrostic"> tag be used in Lamentations?

Using osis2mod rev 2400, in Sword 1.6.0 verses after a <title> seem to have
disappeared. Bibletime, Xiphos, and BPBible exhibited this behavior while
BibleCS, BibleDesktop, and Alkitab did not.


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