[sword-devel] Apostolic Bible Polyglot

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Oct 22 12:24:40 MST 2009

Daniel Bearden wrote:
> I've made numerous updates and corrections to the Apostolic Bible 
> Polyglot osis files.
> 1. The numbers between brackets are now marked as superscript.
> 2. Inserted missing strong's numbers in hundreds of places.
> 3. Numerous typographical errors.
> 4. "Lord" tagged with DivineName
> 5. Used transChange tag for added text

This all sounds great.

> Should the <hi type="acrostic"> tag be used in Lamentations?
> http://apostolic.interlinearbible.org/lamentations/1.htm

Yes, that seems like good markup. <title type="acrostic"> was intended 
for sections (a stanza or strophe), while individual verses/lines that 
include an acrostic letter might be better suited to <hi 
type="acrostic">. So it's a matter of whether you think of the letter 
names here as titles or not.

> Using osis2mod rev 2400, in Sword 1.6.0 verses after a <title> seem to 
> have disappeared. Bibletime, Xiphos, and BPBible exhibited this behavior 
> while BibleCS, BibleDesktop, and Alkitab did not.

I'm not sure what might cause this, but I'll have a look at it this evening.


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