[sword-devel] osis2mod problems

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sun May 17 22:15:02 MST 2009

Ben Morgan wrote:

> I wonder if we need to release some of the important utilities at
> different times from the engine. (i.e. have a osis2mod release once
> problems are fixed with it)

To me, this suggests more the need for (more and better?) automated
tests of the utilities, rather than a different release schedule for
them?  As you fixed the issues you found, did you add to the test suite
regression tests for them?  If not, is there something in the overall
testing structure that makes that difficult or impractical to do?

If we are now to enjoy rapid (every month or two?) 1.6.x update
releases, then I'm not sure there would be much benefit to doing utility
releases in between those, would there?  And you'd need a different
version numbering scheme, and a separate source tarball...

I'd rather we just aim for more frequent SWORD releases :)


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