[sword-devel] osis2mod problems

Ben Morgan benpmorgan at gmail.com
Sun May 17 21:06:13 MST 2009

osis2mod doesn't handle comments - is this known/cared about?
osis2mod currently assumes that a <div eID="..."> that appears outside a
verse, but inside a chapter is a chapter-closing div (presumably because
that is how commentaries close chapters). This breaks the pre-verse logic
when you have this type of thing (inside a chapter):
<div type="section">
 <title>Genesis 1.1 title</title>
 <verse osisID="Gen.1.1" osisRef="Gen.1.1">Verse 1 text</verse>
<div type="section">
 <title>Genesis 1.2 title</title>
 <verse osisID="Gen.1.2" osisRef="Gen.1.2">Verse 2 text</verse>

This should put Genesis1.2 title in Genesis 1:2. However, it currently puts
it at the end of Genesis 1:1 due to the closing div.

I have fixed two other problems today with osis2mod:
1) due to typo, the default storage was LZSS compression
2) pre-verse material which was handled was not matching the sID with the

I wonder if we need to release some of the important utilities at different
times from the engine. (i.e. have a osis2mod release once problems are fixed
with it)

God Bless,
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