[sword-devel] xiphos 3.1 released

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sun May 17 18:39:39 MST 2009

The 3.1 source tarball was released a little while ago; binary builders
will be doing their thing soon and packages should be available in short
order.  I believe the necessary arrangements for mostly-automatic
inclusion in Linux repos have been finalized, and the Windows installer
will be available at SourceForge for download as soon as it's ready.

- new features for Windows (parity w/Linux): read aloud, transliteration.
- non-modal module manager; tooltip "about" text in module lists.
- Norwegian + Welsh translations; we will have Afrikaans in 3.2.
- improvements to journal/prayerlist management.
- many bookmark improvements: multi-verse bookmarks; saving search
  results as bookmarks.
- module option consistency, main window -vs- dialogs.
- better (and fixed) image resize display.
- vastly improved passage exporter.
- mouse hover alignment improvements for Strong's/morph.
- spacing and highlight fixes.
- history management updates and fixes.

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