[sword-devel] v11n - howto create module from vpl format

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon May 11 13:40:12 MST 2009

Martin Zibricky wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to convert Czech Bible 21 (B21) to sword format.
> When using tool 'vpl2mod' (sword 1.5.11) I'm getting a lot of warnings
> like:
> ----
> Not a valid KJV ref: Genesis 32:33
> appending to ref: Genesis 32:32
> Warning, overwriting verse: Genesis 32:32
> Not a valid KJV ref: Exodus 7:26
> ----

The warnings are just that, warnings. This will result in a usable, but 
re-versified module.

To use any of the av11n support, you will have to use a more recent 
version of vpl2mod. vpl2mod from 1.6.0 should be out within hours. And 
vpl2mod from 1.6.0RC3 (which should be almost identical) is available 
from our FTP site:


It will also require a copy of icudt42.dll. I recommend the one at:


> at first look it seems to me that B21 is using Leningrad versification.
> (file canon_leningrad.h but there are missing items for new testament in
> that file).

As Greg said, Leningrad is certainly not what you want. You'll probably 
want the Russian v11n (or whatever we call it), when that is released. I 
would like to work on adding it this week, but it definitely won't be 
released until 1.6.1.

> Is it possible to convert vpl Bible format to sword module using
> specific v11n versification? (in my case Leningrad versification)?
> Or should I do it by hand?
> ( use vpl2mod with KJV versification, then mod2osis and then edit osis
> by hand to correct the versification and then using osis2mod?)

Both vpl2mod and osis2mod support av11n, but using vpl2mod and exporting 
via mod2osis like this will result in very bad, unusable data.

If you want to help make the Russian v11n system, I would recommend 
sending your data (the module itself) to me at modules at crosswire.org. 
Then I can analyze it along with the other Russian orthodox v11n texts I 


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