[sword-devel] feature request: module manager enhancement

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed May 13 07:55:47 MST 2009

I grow slowly tired  (and I am sure I am not the only one) of the emails
on the support line regarding "I have downloaded  x number of modules
and where are they now".

Wouldn't a feasible and relatively minor yet extremely useful
improvement to the module manager be the ability to handle appropriately
zipped modules (and I do not want to reopen the debate on where is the
best place to keep your modules ;-))

Kind of

installmgr -zl ~/downloads/    # lists all zipped modules at a path
installmgr -zi ~/downloads/*zip  # installs chosen zipped modules

and along those lines for the frontends?

The result would be that

a) zipped collections of modules would be better accessible (some non
CrossWire related websites make such available)
b) zipped collections of modules would be a good idea for passing around
where internet access is difficult (I know there is the possibility for
local repos, but still)
c) accidentally created zipped collections (like that of my last
correspondent on sword-support) could be gracefully handeled along the
lines ("This was not the best way to get them, but do this and this...")
d) It also improves the ability of those who have hosting space but no
ftp server to put out modules.


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