[sword-devel] SWORD 1.6.x Localization (Ps 151)

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I hadn't thought about that, but I wouldn't think that would be a problem in practice if Ps 151 is encoded as such. I need to find a printed Bible with the 151st Psalm to verify this, but my suspicion is that it is not a separate book but just an additional psalm. The reason I say that is that the additions to Daniel need to be encoded that way (no matter what the OSIS schema anticipates) because a major part of the addition is in chapter 2. I guess the real question is whether the three or so "books" that are actually additions to canonical material (in the Protestant sense) really need a distinct book name at all. To answer that we need to canvas some printed editions of Bibles containing such content to see where they put such material. I just don't have access to more than one until July, and that one drives my comments about Daniel.


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I've noticed a couple of locales now in SVN that have problems from the 
perspective of Sword's verse parser. Sword's verse parser looks for the 
first non-initial digit in a verse reference and interprets this as the 
beginning of a chapter number. So 1Kings or 2Baruch are fine, since the 
digits are initial. But Ps151 is not a legal book name because Sword 
will interpret "Ps" as the book name and 151 as the chapter number.

So the two locales (Japanese & Vietnamese) currently in SVN that have 
such book names will need to be changed (or else we need to disable 
those lines from the locale definition).


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