[sword-devel] SWORD 1.6.x Localization (Ps 151)

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed May 6 18:55:46 MST 2009


It depends on the Bible. In the case of the NRSV, Psalm 151 is a 
separate book within the intertestamental group of books. In other 
traditions, it's simply the 151st "chapter" of Psalms. Traditions that 
include Psalms 152-155 can likewise present 151-155 as a separate book 
or integrated into a longer book of Psalms.

Esther from Greek is also present in the NRSV's intertestamental group, 
in its entirety and separate from Esther from Hebrew. Other 
translations, the KJV for example, separate out the additions to Esther 
present in the Greek and have a separate Additions to Esther book. The 
additions to Daniel can appear integrated with the Hebrew/Aramaic text, 
separated as 3 distinct books, or collected as a separate Additions to 
Daniel book (depending on the translation/tradition). And the Prayer of 
Manasseh can appear integrated into 2 Chronicles, as a separate book, or 
as one ode in the book of Odes.


Daniel Owens wrote:
> Chris,
> I hadn't thought about that, but I wouldn't think that would be a problem in practice if Ps 151 is encoded as such. I need to find a printed Bible with the 151st Psalm to verify this, but my suspicion is that it is not a separate book but just an additional psalm. The reason I say that is that the additions to Daniel need to be encoded that way (no matter what the OSIS schema anticipates) because a major part of the addition is in chapter 2. I guess the real question is whether the three or so "books" that are actually additions to canonical material (in the Protestant sense) really need a distinct book name at all. To answer that we need to canvas some printed editions of Bibles containing such content to see where they put such material. I just don't have access to more than one until July, and that one drives my comments about Daniel.
> Daniel 

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