[sword-devel] [sword-support] deuterocanonical support

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Sun Mar 15 08:10:17 MST 2009

Hi Chris .......

Chris Little wrote:
> We plan to have this ready for our next release
This is the most fantastic exciting news.  I've been carefully following 
all Troy's and your recent svn commits.  Thanks for all the great work. 

On another issue: I've just sent Matthew Talbert my Phillips NT module 
to demonstrate verse linking.  What available modules use this?  And is 
it Sword policy to stay with linked verses?  Xiphos and BibleDesktop 
don't handle them - Matthew had no idea they existed!  BibleCS handles 
them OK and so does BibleTime so something needs to be clarified 
somewhere if they are to be supported.  Maybe you could clarify on all 
the lists?

God bless,

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