[sword-devel] [sword-support] deuterocanonical support

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Mar 15 16:41:09 MST 2009

Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi Chris .......
> Chris Little wrote:
>> We plan to have this ready for our next release
> This is the most fantastic exciting news.  I've been carefully following 
> all Troy's and your recent svn commits.  Thanks for all the great work.

It's all coming along very nicely, and I should be able to make an 
announcement and post some example content using a non-KJV versification 
"Real Soon Now".

> On another issue: I've just sent Matthew Talbert my Phillips NT module 
> to demonstrate verse linking.  What available modules use this?  And is 
> it Sword policy to stay with linked verses?  Xiphos and BibleDesktop 
> don't handle them - Matthew had no idea they existed!  BibleCS handles 
> them OK and so does BibleTime so something needs to be clarified 
> somewhere if they are to be supported.  Maybe you could clarify on all 
> the lists?

If I recall correctly, there's something broken about verse linking at 
the moment (possibly just an osis2mod bug) but we will definitely be 
keeping it in SWText/SWCom-based content (which is almost all Bibles & 
commentaries). I couldn't tell you which specific modules use linking, 
but I would guess it might be used to some degree (often sporadically or 
seldom) in about 10% of our library. It's really just a function of the 
API as it is intended to be used. That is, while iterating through a 
module with ++, you're really iterating through unique entries rather 
than through sequential verse refs.


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