[sword-devel] Frontend comparison Wiki page

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Mar 4 16:03:54 MST 2009

Please have a look at the slowly shaping up page on frontend comparison
in our wiki.


DM and I have brought it into a much more easily readable format and
have further broken down all narratives etc into questions which can be
answered with yes or no - while striving to leave practically no "other
features" lists left. Others have contributed filling things in and
finding gaps in our tables.

We have tried to identify the variant solutions to same concepts and
problems and to tickle out all features whether well documented and
easily usable of not. I certainly have learned a lot about programmes I
thought I knew well.

All in all there are about 100 features listed and compared. We have
removed all features/abilities which are universally shared. There is no
point in comparing what all can do.

It is quite possible that we still have not grasped one or other

Please review the tables carefully and notify us on the talk page

a) if you think something significant is missed.
b) something is badly misunderstood.
c) you do not agree with one or other
d) you do not understand any headings etc.

Please also fill in the white bits. Particular big gaps are still for MS
(which I have no access to) and BT .

I really would prefer if you do not anymore make any changes to the
structure of the page, nor add/deduct anything questions/features, but
instead please do use the talk page.

I am well aware that this 100 features long list is not what we want to
present to a first time user to enable him/her to choose between our
applications, but whatever we will use for that will be building on what
is here. In some form or other.

Yours in Him



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