[sword-devel] InstallSize was Re: Some new modules

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Tue Mar 3 18:37:19 MST 2009

Thanks Peter for bringing this up for attention.

On #sword we discussed for a while the downside of adding a computed 
entry to the .conf files, tried to come up with possible alternatives, 
and decided it was easiest to just add it as officially supported in the 
.conf and if we ever get around to adding something in installmgr to 
return the sizes then we can deprecate the .conf entry, but at lease for 
now we have something working.

Decision is to use a byte count, and let frontends prettify it/total it 
with other selected modules/etc if they want.

So, can someone own the task to update the .conf spec to include


and Karl has graciously offered a bash script to add to our 
mods.d.tar.gz nightly generation script to update the modules' .conf. 
Karl, could you include an 'exists' check before it modifies the .conf, 
cuz our autopackagers use the date of all files involved in the module 
to decide whether or not they need to rebuild the module package and I'd 
hate to have them rebuilding every night because the .conf file was changed.

Thanks everyone for humoring me on #sword and talking through all the 
possible repercussions of this.


Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> Chris Little wrote:
>> DM Smith wrote:
>>> Chris/Troy,
>>> Can we please actually add this to the conf's. I think it becomes  
>>> important for larger modules, so perhaps, we say that the default for  
>>> the entry is <2M? (or whatever would be about 15 minutes on dialup) I  
>>> don't see any reason that it needs to be highly accurate. The nearest  
>>> K or even 100K should be sufficient. That is a minor change to the  
>>> module would not warrant re-computation.
>>> It is so easy to script and automate and our conf's rarely change.
>>> For compressed modules, this is nearly the same as the download size.  
>>> For uncompressed modules, even if we do ftp compression on the fly, it  
>>> is still a good measure of transit time.
>> I would imagine this is something Troy should install on the server. I 
>> don't have any objection. I just thinks it's a server admin matter to 
>> install the script.
>> --Chris
> This is an ancient thread which - after running a year or so is ending
> in a fade out.
> The agreement appears to have been there. But the implementatio is not.
> It has come up again during the wiki comparison - that some applications
> laboriously calculate install size and warn while it would be nice and
> easy if this info was provided as a part of the module configuration file.
> I am running a tiny netbook with small "harddrive" flash thing. So
> install size is suddenly again quite crucial.
> Peter
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