[sword-devel] SoText

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Sat Mar 7 10:43:08 MST 2009

Hi there ....

Troy - congratulations on getting versetreekey up to scratch.  If anyone 
is now prepared to write the filter for SoText, we have the underlying 
module driver that it can use.  I'm very happy to correspond with anyone 
that wants to take this up.  The concept is simply a different method of 
tagging within the verse that is optimised for fast searching of the 
text, and I have the details here.

SoText modules are mainly aimed at mobile devices that cannot use 
cLucene, and take quite a while to do a full search of a standard module.

Robin Randall wrote some Perl scripts for converting Osis to SoText, and 
these are available for getting started.

Sorry I don't have the time to get involved in the coding, but will be 
glad to help anyone who does.

God bless,

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