[sword-devel] Getting rid of BibleCS

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sat Feb 28 06:22:49 MST 2009

My difficulty with the table layout is that it relegates "special
features" to just a column on the right that will be very easy to
overfill, to the point of making it unusable, unreadable.  But it is
exactly per-app special features that can determine which app has the
particular featurefulness the user wants.

For Xiphos' entries in this column, I would like to see listed quite a
herd of things that Xiphos does which (almost?) none of the other apps
supports: image resize; user-editable modules beyond just pers.comm.;
extensive mod.mgr support including distinct updated/uninstalled
listings; multi-tabbed content; default Font= respect; per-module choice
to respect image content and internal font shifts; commentary by
chapter; multi-module search; lexdict mouse-hover content-to-previewer;
movable previewer; tab-able parallel window; double-click navigation
from verse lists; companion module support; automatic MM.DD devotional
access; blocked Strong's & morph display; passage exporter; direct Help
menu reference to mailing list, live chat, bug tracker; ...  Honestly,
it could be a very long list indeed.

If all this was just added to that column, it would warp the shape of
the table rather severely.  BPBible's "search features" column is
already threatening to do so.

At the least, I think per-app details should be discussed textually
below the table, with observations above the table about the necessity
of getting a more complete and clear picture below.

I doubt I personally will add content to the page, as it's not clear my
biases for Xiphos could be kept from showing.

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