[sword-devel] Apostolic Bible Polyglot Greek-English Interlinear module.

Daniel Bearden dpbearden at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 20:12:27 MST 2009

> 1) Will a StrongsAB lexicon that we can distribute be forthcoming? If not,
> my intuition is to convert these lemma entries into plain Strong's entries
> so that they can be useful to those with a Strong's keyed lexicon. At a
> minimum, I think they should be mirrored as Strong's entries, e.g.:
> <w src="4" lemma="strongab:G1510.7.3 strong:G1510">ην</w>
> rather than:
> <w src="4" lemma="strongab:G1510.7.3">ην</w>
> Thus, the information would all be retained, but the basic Strong's entries
> would be usable (without some odd changes to the Sword engine).

Many of the inserted numbers do not have entries in standard Strong's
remotely close in meaning so it would be wrong to do this to all numbers.

A complete Lexicon for the Apostolic Bible will soon be available. I have
not yet had time to write a program to generate TEI markup from the tex file
it is currently in. We will be charging for the lexicon however so it will
be a locked module.

> 2) Does it sound acceptable to superscript the prepended numerals in the
> English, so that they don't disrupt the flow of reading, as it were. (This
> matches the printed edition.)
I hadn't thought of this for some reason but will try to implement this.

> 3) Does the markup <seg><hi type="italic">...</hi></seg> universally
> indicate added text? If so, this can be encoded <transChange
> type="added">...</transChange>.
Yes, italics indicate added text. I will change this.

> 4) Can you recommend what to do with strongab:G*, the universally used
> StrongAB entry for proper names.
I could remove all occurrences of G* if you prefer. The best thing to do
would be to automatically insert Strong's numbers for available names.
However there are many names in the Old Testament that do not have a number.

> (Some other notes on improved OSIS encoding:)
> 5) The translated tetragrammaton, currently encoded as:
> <seg><hi type="small-caps">lord</hi></seg>
> should be encoded:
> <divineName>Lord</divineName>
I will change this.

> 6) There are lots of extra spaces before punctuation and before each
> </verse> tag.
This can hopefully be corrected with some improvements to my program.

> 7) Since there's no Packard morphology content, the osisWork referencing it
> isn't necessary.

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