[sword-devel] Bibledit Sword module generation?

Kahunapule Michael Johnson kahunapule at mpj.cx
Thu Aug 20 20:55:05 MST 2009

Is there any hope of getting Bibledit's Sword module generator working
with Sword well enough that it actually works in the near future?

I just tried it, again, and failed to get something that actually works
in Xiphos.

I have permission to create Sword modules from a large number of Bible
translations and portions for minority languages that are available in
USFM. I need and easy, automated way to do that. Has one been created,
yet, that is reliable and truly automatic?

Forgive me if this question has been answered recently on this list. I
have been in email overload mode, and only read a small fraction of
mailing list email, lately.

Michael Johnson

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