[sword-devel] Need some help before starting new OSIS file

Ben Morgan benpmorgan at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 16:13:44 MST 2009

Just some additional info from my point of view (as a BPBible developer, not
as a module creator):

On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 8:16 AM, Daniel Owens <dhowens at pmbx.net> wrote:

> That should work, but the wiki advises this:
> <q marker="&#8220" sID="qN"/> ... <q marker="&#8221" eID="qN"/>
> I'm not sure if the start and end IDs really matter. You can always try it
> without them. If it doesn't work you haven't lost anything, I suppose. You
> can just insert the unicode character too, if I am not mistaken, though
> that's not the best practice.
sID's *must* be matched with eID's. There are two forms of quotes (this
generalizes to all osis milestoneable elements) <q>text</q> and <q
sID="quote-id" />test <q eID="quote-id" />, where quote-id is unique to this
quote. The latter is useful as it can go across paragraph breaks. I would
strongly recommend having these quotes in here.

>   3    Can I implement line breaks using lb within a verse?  (They are not
>> grouped so lg seems like a lot of work to get the same result.)
> I have tried this and it doesn't work very well. Last I knew, osis2mod
> converted lg and l elements so that the output is <lb
> type="x-end-paragraph"/> <lb type="x-begin-paragraph"/>. You can always try
> inserting that at the end of each paragraph, but it's not the best practice.
> I haven't worked on this for awhile, but my memory of back then (a year
> maybe) is that it was the challenging part of preparing a module.
Why do you need line breaks? If these denote paragraphs, they really should
be marked as paragraphs.

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