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Ed Backell edbackell at verizon.net
Thu Apr 30 14:34:12 MST 2009

Hello, everyone.

I'm not sure if anyone else has done this, so if so, and I'm repeating old information, please forgive me.

I've contacted the licensing division of the NCC, who controls the NRSV translation. They've set me a form to fill out so that they can decide whether or not the NRSV could be released using the Sword libraries.

Here are the questions they're asking:
1. WHO
Organization Name
Contact Person
E-mail Address
Web Address
Company History (include years in business and number of products currently selling)
Company: For-Profit, Non-Profit, Incorporated
Best-Selling Product Information
Annual Sales and Distribution
Major Channels and Methods of Distribution
Markets and Territories Where Products are Distributed

2. WHAT and WHY
1.New Testament or Old Testament
2.Entire Bible
3.If this is a study Bible, what % of content is not Bible?
Why was RSV/NRSV chosen for this product?
Is product for commercial or non-commercial use?

3. HOW
Name of Product (working title)
Product Description (include specific features that highlight the RSV/NRSV)
The Author/Team of Authors
Benefits: How will this product benefit the customer? Please provide 3 clear, concise benefits.
Audience: Who is the product for? Please provide demographic or psychographic information.
In which markets will this product be distributed?
Will this product be trademarked?
Proposed format: 
1.Trim Size
2.Page Count
3.New/Existing Composition
List other translations featured with this product.
Projected release date. 
Sales projections in units and dollars
1.First year (including advance sales)
2.2-5 years
Selling price
How will you market this product?
Front & Back Matter to include:

Please provide any other background that would assist us in understanding your proposed usage and/or sample contract you want us to consider.

So, what do you all think? Should we pursue getting the NRSV available in Sword format? I'm guessing it will have to be done in a locked module format, similar to the NASB.

I'd love your feedback...

Keep Following Jesus,

Ed Backell
Snohomish, WA

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