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I think it's highly worth trying to get the NRSV(A?) into SWORD
format.  Personally it's one of two main translations I use, and I
know that a number of academic institutions rely heavily on it as one
of the best modern English translations for scholarly exegesis.  I
have pined for a copy of it for quite some time!  Let me save you some

On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 4:34 PM, Ed Backell <edbackell at verizon.net> wrote:
> Hello, everyone.
> I'm not sure if anyone else has done this, so if so, and I'm repeating old information, please forgive me.
> I've contacted the licensing division of the NCC, who controls the NRSV translation. They've set me a form to fill out so that they can decide whether or not the NRSV could be released using the Sword libraries.
> Here are the questions they're asking:
> ---
> 1. WHO
> Organization Name
CrossWire Bible Society
> Contact Person
Could be you, Troy (lead developer) or Chris (module guru).  Most
likely you, since you're filling out the application.  Rest of the
info immediately following depends on who you use.
> Address
> Phone
> Fax
> E-mail Address
> Web Address
> Company History (include years in business and number of products currently selling)
> Company: For-Profit, Non-Profit, Incorporated
> Best-Selling Product Information
The SWORD Library - http://www.crosswire.org/sword - a cross platform
library for Biblical and related text storage and retrieval available
on Linux, Macintosh, Windows, various handheld devices and more.
> Annual Sales and Distribution
$0? and you'll have to ask someone for a copy of past statistics on
that.  You can get basic statistics information on modules from the
SWORD website above.
> Major Channels and Methods of Distribution
Web download, hand-to-hand CD distribution
> Markets and Territories Where Products are Distributed
> 2. WHAT and WHY
> Specify:
Both! But especially the NRSV
> 1.New Testament or Old Testament
> 2.Entire Bible
Entire Bible
> 3.If this is a study Bible, what % of content is not Bible?
> Why was RSV/NRSV chosen for this product?
> Is product for commercial or non-commercial use?
> 3. HOW
> Name of Product (working title)
The SWORD Project, Xiphos, BibleTime, MacSword, BPBible, etc, etc
> Product Description (include specific features that highlight the RSV/NRSV)
Open source software designed especially around the reading, studying
and presentation of the Bible, commentaries, lexicons, dictionaries
and related materials.  As the main open source Bible software
available, we strive to provide our users with the widest possible
array of high quality Bible materials available.  Our modules can be
automatically downloaded and installed by most of the applications
that use the library and can be released freely or be encrypted and
sold as per the copyright holder's choice.  We would like to present
our users the option of accessing the RSV and/or the NRSV Bibles
through their applications on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows and would
like to collaborate with the publishers to produce a module for the
library with the text of these Bibles for distribution.  All of our
applications are provided freely to the users in the spirit of free
and open source software, and we distribute a large amount of free
modules from the public domain and for which other copyright holders
have granted CrossWire permission to distribute their works.
> The Author/Team of Authors
Actually, I'm not sure where to find an official list of Authors...
check the source code?
> Benefits: How will this product benefit the customer? Please provide 3 clear, concise benefits.
Customers will be able to use free, open source applications with the
NRSV module on Windows, Macintosh OS, Linux, their handheld device,
and possibly others.
Customers will benefit from electronically distributable copies of the
NRSV text along with other texts, commentaries and other works which
can be brought together in an electronic format.
Customers will have an available high-quality English-language
translation of the Bible.
> Audience: Who is the product for? Please provide demographic or psychographic information.
This is expressly for computer and hand held device users who wish to
read the text of their Bibles from an electronic screen and even do
possible cross-comparisons, etc with other works.
> In which markets will this product be distributed?
The SWORD project is currently freely distributable wherever there is
access to the Internet, and we encourage distribution of the module
content through the same means.  As such, virtually all of the modules
and software we produce is available globally to anyone with access to
the Internet.
> Will this product be trademarked?
(someone else help me out on this one...)
> Proposed format:
> 1.Leather
> 2.Hardcover
> 3.Paperback
> 4.Other
> Specifications:
> 1.Trim Size
> 2.Page Count
> 3.New/Existing Composition
not applicable?
> List other translations featured with this product.
The module would be distributed independently, as the applications are
able to accept any combination of module add-ins that are available
and the user selects to install.
> Projected release date.
Soon?  That depends on how easily available a different electronic
copy would be for us to work from, etc.
> Sales projections in units and dollars
> 1.First year (including advance sales)
(The SWORD website claims about 4500-7500 downloads per month of our
most popular modules, no idea on if we had to sell it)
> 2.2-5 years
> Selling price
(I have no idea on this - ideally we'd like it to be free, but you
might have to negotiate with them on their royalty fees, if they have
> How will you market this product?
It will be advertised on The SWORD Project and CrossWire websites as
an available module for compatible applications to use.
> Front & Back Matter to include:
Not applicable: download web page will include information about the
copyright holder and status, electronic revision information and
possibly other technical details about the specific presentation of
this module.
> Please provide any other background that would assist us in understanding your proposed usage and/or sample contract you want us to consider.
> ---

I won't even try on that one... I'm not even close to a lawyer, and
the only contracts I've been trained to deal with are those related to
software development for a client, not with publishers.

Good luck!  I very strongly desire this module to be available.  A
version of the text with Apocrypha would even be better!


> So, what do you all think? Should we pursue getting the NRSV available in Sword format? I'm guessing it will have to be done in a locked module format, similar to the NASB.
> I'd love your feedback...
> --
> Keep Following Jesus,
> Ed Backell
> Snohomish, WA
> pastoredb.wordpress.com
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