[sword-devel] OSIS looks daunting. Can I import from existing VPL format?

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Apr 22 14:32:40 MST 2009

Hi John,

A few points:

1) We do have vpl import tools. We also have a similar tool for our
"imp" import format, which can deal with different versifications, once
the libsword 1.6 is released. The Vulgate versification is high on our
list to introduce.
2) If you go back to the original MS Word files, export these into xhtml
(e.g. via Open Office) you might get quite clean files with all
paragraphing available - depending on how well MS Word was used.
3) I have found it pays enormously to learn a bit about regular
expressions, shell scripting and sed, which is what Greg referred to. It
looks absolutely daunting on first instance, but is actually pretty
straigfht forward to learn + changes a many late nights job to a short
weekend one. Learning this kind of stuff once will serve you well in
many different situations (I am a medical doctor, no programmer)
4) There is absolutely nothing wrong in going a way of gradual
improvements and several releases - most of our modules are done this way.
5) Karl Kleinpaste who is the lead for Xiphos is often very helpful in
creating a first fully functional module which you then can use, show
off, distribute and brag about while you quietly get to grips with OSIS
module making.


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