[sword-devel] OSIS looks daunting. Can I import from existing VPL format?

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Wed Apr 22 14:31:53 MST 2009

Hi John ....

johnduffy at cgcf.net wrote:
> format of choice now moving forward.  However, the verse-per-line format
> that I have would require a lot of work to make it OSIS compatible.  The
> issues are that it is not the normal versification (a variation of Vulgate,
> I think); and the paragraph information would be best added (which was lost
> in making it VPL, due to my initial lack of knowledge of such matters).

First - Sword still has an application for converting vpl files to 
modules.  But - currently this is now deprecated and would (I think) 
need considerable modification to get to a properly formed module which 
is not normal versification.  What is 'normal', I ask?  What I am 
suggesting is that you start by modifying our vpl2mod.cpp to accept what 
you have, and output it into a module.  If you don't program in C++, you 
will need help here.

OSIS would be ideal, and I know that Sword insists on an OSIS original 
if we are to host the module.  It could be hosted elsewhere, of course. 
  I suspect that if you were able to do something along the lines I 
suggest, then one of us might be able eventually to convert it from a 
module into OSIS.

I might offer a little practical help, but have no knowledge at all of 
the Gaelic (even though me dad was a Limerick man!)  Don't expect a lot 
from me though.

You did take the point that we have no connection whatsovever with 
e-sword?  Just be aware that Sword has far more potential as it runs on 
many, many different platforms.

God bless,

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