[sword-devel] BibleTime Windows and Mac packages

Martin Zibricky mzibricky at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 13:02:57 MST 2009

Hi Greg,

all previously mentioned hints are based on experiences with xiphos

Greg Hellings píše v So 18. 04. 2009 v 09:54 -0500:
> Martin,
> On Sat, Apr 18, 2009 at 6:11 AM, Martin Zibricky <mzibricky at gmail.com> wrote:
> > win32 installer:
> > - is it feasible to use language according to system locale?
> > - does cpack allow for nsis to choose language for installation?
> For the installer - I saw no such options with CPack.  There is a way
> to insert custom NSIS commands, so if you know of a method of doing
> this with NSIS, then I can probably just toss in the custom command to
> enable it.

I can't remember it at the moment.
Could it be possible to see what nsis script is cpack generating?

> >  You've used ansi nsis. Is it possible to use unicode nsis with cpack?
> I thought that the NSIS I had installed was the Unicode version, but
> I'll download the Unicode from their site and install it.  How can I
> check to be sure that what I have is Unicode and the installer is
> Unicode-aware also?

When there is a page with gpl license, you should see at the bottom
something like "Nullsoft Install System 2.43.3-Unicode"

> > - what compression was used for the installer? lzma?
> I believe that this is the default when using CPack.  Why do you ask?

Because with lzma you can get the smallest installer. Just wanted to
know if you use it.

> > _ supports cpack font installation? In Xiphos we experienced some issues
> > when displaying text. It was necessary to include some fonts with
> > installer.
> Again, even if CPack doesn't directly have a font installation
> mechanism, we can add custom NSIS commands and install anything you
> need.  Any suggestions of fonts that should be used?

With xiphos we've included 'Linux Libertine' and 'Freefont'.
But we should evaluate it. It seems at the moment that in the future
we'll download fonts from the internet if the user want because there
should be included more fonts to support more languages. Include all
fonts direct to installer is not feasible because of size. But matthew
has more experiences with different fonts in xihpos on windows.

> > - could it be possible with cpack somehow realize:
> >  * localized licenses, based on language selection
> Again, that depends on the multi-language support of CPack.  However,
> the GPL is only "official" in English, if I recall correctly.  I just
> pointed to the official license file in the BibleTime bundle for the
> source tree.

>From the point of view of a non english speaker I think it could help
people understand the meaning of that license. In every license
translation we use there is stated (in EN and in another lang) that the
translation is not official and that official is the EN version.

> >  * custom text field for release notes
> I can probably add that to the installer -- where do you think this
> would be useful? I'm not a fan of seeing that in installers I use, I
> generally think to myself, "All this info was on the website and I
> looked at what I wanted to see there, why would I want it in the
> installer itself?"  But if other people generally want it, I can add
> it.

It was requested to include release notes into windows installer.

> >  * install some files to folder shared by all users
> >    (e.g. appdata -  C:\users\martin\appdata\roaming)
> That's certainly possible - but what would I install there?

With xiphos we put sword localization files to APPDATA folder for all
users. in EN windows xp it is 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users
\Application Data'

user sword specific sword files are in 'C:\Documents and Settings\martin
\Application Data'
but the files in this directory are created by xiphos not installer.
Xiphos has also its profile in this folder. it is named '.xiphos'

For xiphos binaries we use folder 'C:\Program Files\CrossWire\Xiphos'

Another thing what installer does is to register in windows registry
handler for sword urls.

Hope it is clear.

Martin Zibricky

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