[sword-devel] sword svn

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Apr 13 17:28:37 MST 2009

Matthew Talbert wrote:
> The problem that I've had with that, is that it appears that the bug
> tracker is not up-to-date and goes long periods with no activity. I
> believe Peter mentioned this recently as well. A couple of examples:

I would say the tracker is fairly up to date (minus new bugs that folks 
aren't filing there). Personally, I do close bugs as I complete work on 
them. I have a feeling we should probably retire the beta module testing 
Wiki page and use the bugtracker for those bugs as well.

I did a quick skim through the API bugs and closed a couple of open bugs 
that I know to be closed.

> http://crosswire.org/bugs/browse/API-88
> This bug was filed in 2007, but was resolved in 1.5.11 I believe, yet
> it is still open.

In the strictest sense, this bug has been addressed. TEI filters do 
exist. But I believe they still need significant improvement. We could 
close it--but I tend to think it's better to leave it open as a reminder 
that people still need to examine the needed tagset and add additional 
unhandled tags.

> http://crosswire.org/bugs/browse/API-76
> This bug was also filed in 2007, but appears resolved now.

I know that Troy committed a patch from Ben that was supposed to address 
this. In anyone has tested this (e.g. with FreJND) then we can close it. 
As I have not tested it myself, I won't close it yet.

> It would greatly encourage use of the bug tracker if there was more
> activity. Also, an rss feed might help (I'm not aware of one if there
> is one already).

I agree entirely. I think the bugtracker is a great tool for us. (But it 
_sorely_ needs an update with respect to versions of Sword that it 

You can get updates via email. RSS feeds are also available, but there 
are about a million different possible RSS feeds you can select. 
Basically, create a new filter, use one of the presents, or open up any 
other view in the issue navigator. Then you should see two RSS feed 
options, one for Issues and one for Comments.

As an example, the complete issues feed for the Sword API bugtracker is:


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