[sword-devel] sword svn

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 16:28:34 MST 2009

> This scheme would work fine if folks would use the bugtracker (i.e. not
> report bugs only to sword-devel or in the wiki). When I fix things in the
> library that I notice myself, I don't tend to file a bug report before
> fixing them--I just fix them--and I would expect others who work on the
> library to do likewise. I only open new bugs in the tracker for things that
> I don't intend to fix myself or that I don't intend to fix soon.
> Not filing bug reports in the tracker is generally just a good way to have
> your bug be ignored because it will quickly be forgotten. The bugtracker
> provides nice persistence.

The problem that I've had with that, is that it appears that the bug
tracker is not up-to-date and goes long periods with no activity. I
believe Peter mentioned this recently as well. A couple of examples:

This bug was filed in 2007, but was resolved in 1.5.11 I believe, yet
it is still open.

This bug was also filed in 2007, but appears resolved now.

It would greatly encourage use of the bug tracker if there was more
activity. Also, an rss feed might help (I'm not aware of one if there
is one already).


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