[sword-devel] sword svn

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Mon Apr 13 17:58:37 MST 2009

Chris Little wrote:

>> http://crosswire.org/bugs/browse/API-88
>> This bug was filed in 2007, but was resolved in 1.5.11 I believe, yet
>> it is still open.

> In the strictest sense, this bug has been addressed. TEI filters do 
> exist. But I believe they still need significant improvement. We could 
> close it--but I tend to think it's better to leave it open as a reminder 
> that people still need to examine the needed tagset and add additional 
> unhandled tags.

Which is fine... so that is what the bug should say... but it doesn't 
say that, at least as far as I can see?

This bug currently has no comments, not even an initial one paragraph 
description of the initial request indicating what the submitter was 
expecting.  If Jira has a bug status of "Incomplete" or similar, then 
this bug surely qualifies :)

If this issue is now "half-fixed", then surely this bug should have a 
comment (most likely by whoever implemented that half-fix) saying that 
rudimentary TEI filters were added in SWORD svn revision X on date D, 
you can use them like *this* (example code), but only a small set of 
tags T1, T2... Tn were actually implemented, so users need to check and 
add more tags (to methods X and Y in source files S and T) if they use 
others... or something along those lines.  Then, leaving it open becomes 
a really useful source of information.

I can see Matthew's point on this one: the bug, as it currently exists, 
is clearly out of sync with current SWORD library reality.  I just added 
a comment to help update it a bit.

> I agree entirely. I think the bugtracker is a great tool for us. (But it 
> _sorely_ needs an update with respect to versions of Sword that it 
> recognizes.)

I'd think (hope) that any bugtracker admin can add new product versions? 
  If not, what does it take -- do you have to hard code them?  I hope not.

I agree with the idea of consolidating bugs from the wiki into the bug 
tracker.  Keep all the bug reports in one well known place.  This is 
easier for both developers and bug reporters, who otherwise have to 
search multiple systems in multiple ways just to check whether a bug is 
already known or already fixed.


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