[sword-devel] SVN with BibleTime on Mac

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 15:08:08 MST 2009

Built (without tests) and installed on Mac OS X.  Updated to SVN Head
with BibleTime and built.  It opens Bibles fine and Genbooks also.  I
tried to install some passages from the CrossWire site with the
bookshelf manager, but it fails to make the connection and just stares
at me (I believe this is a known bug on the BibleTime/Mac side and not
an issue of the RC directly with permissions in the module directory
-- although both BibleTime and installmgr should warn the users if
they are trying to write into a directory they don't have permission

On some specific issues: Jude 18 maps to Revelation 17:1 as per the
past thread - don't know if that issue was resolved or not.

I also have the KJVgb installed.  It doesn't really work, but it works
better than in the past.  BibleTime defaults to opening a Bible to
Genesis 1:1, with the whole chapter of Genesis 1 displayed.  Instead,
I see two copies of the last verse of Revelation.  Using the up/down
arrow selectors in BibleTime, I can get it to jump around to various
passages in the early part of Genesis - but the pattern isn't quite
understandable to me.  Sometimes I get whole chapters, sometimes
verses, they're rarely what is displayed in the selection dialog, and
when they are, I'm not sure how they ended up there.  But that's an
improvement over previous releases which would just segfault when I
tried to open KJVgb!

Overall, first impressions with BibleTime/Mac is good.


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