[sword-devel] Making Import Easier

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Apr 6 19:50:25 MST 2009


I'm sorry, but you had to go back to 2003 and quote Don Elbourne's "buzz 
off" in which he immediately after says "Of course I'm being sarcastic".

The policy has always been that CrossWire module repo standards shoot 
for best practice module quality.

2003 was before we supported (technically and by policy) external module 

I have purchased and offered swordmodules.com with hosting paid to your 
team for user created content and your own content and my offer was 
turned down.

Different module repositories have different standards.  We'd love for 
user created content to flourish.


Matthew Talbert wrote:
>> It's because people don't step up and write the documentation.  I'd love to include the man pages from Jonathan Marsden in SVN.  Thanks Jonathan, for stepping up and trying to solve this area where we're lacking.
> Troy,
> I wasn't trying to instigate a fight (nor have I ever). I was merely
> going off what I have read in the archives, including this:
> http://www.crosswire.org/pipermail/sword-devel/2003-July/019083.html
> As I said, I could give more links as well.
> I am tired of being accused of causing fights. If the links above and
> subsequent emails don't reflect CrossWire policy, then it should be
> explained further.
> Matthew
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