[sword-devel] iPhone NDA dropped

Nathan Youngman junkmail at nathany.com
Tue Oct 21 20:48:21 MST 2008

I still have not seen a new agreement (despite being registered for  
iPhone development).

	"Developers will receive a new agreement without an NDA covering  
released software within a week or so."

We were talking about the "iPhone license" back in June... and it  
sounded like the NDA was the major holdback. Hopefully we have the  
green light?

I noticed on the Sword Wiki that:

	"All frontends MUST be GPLv2 licensed."

But I don't believe that to be true. Any GPLv2-compatible license  
should be fine:


However, FSF says Apache and Mozilla licenses aren't compliant, so  
besides GPL itself, that leaves free non-copyleft licenses like MIT,  
FreeBSD and zlib.

Another interesting factor is that GPL doesn't preclude the commercial  
sale of an application. Anyone could download your source code and  
play with it in the simulator. But to install it, they'd have to pay  
$99 for Apple's developer program (unless they have it already). Add  
in the work of compiling, and there is a fair deterrent, meaning most  
people would probably pay a few bucks if you wanted to charge for it.  
Of course, anyone else can turn around and resell it too, or make it  

- nathan

Nathan Youngman
Web: http://www.nathany.com

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