[sword-devel] The Sword Project on OpenSolaris

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Mon Oct 13 07:04:39 MST 2008

Y'know, if this wasn't so deranged, it would be inspired.

In one last, desperate attempt to move to a point where I might be able
to continue progress (because when all is said and done, I really would
like GS to run on Solaris), I recalled words about version 0.98 of
stuff, and I had used the release notes instructions which apparently
took me to 0.86.

So, says I, I'll push my system up to 0.98.  There's that neat "Update
All" button at the top of the pkg gui.  I slap that button, and it tells
me that I have to update SUNWipkg and SUNWipkg-gui first, shall it
continue?  Why, yes, of course, it should.  It cogitates awhile,
announces that no packages will be updated, then proceeds to update
nothing successfully, and informs me that the pkg gui will now restart
and I can then Update All as I had originally wanted.  Except that the
pkg gui does not restart itself.  And because it updated nothing
(successfully), when I quit and restart it myself and try Update All, it
again whines that SUNWipkg and SUNWipkg-gui need to be updated...

In a fit of dementia, I resort to the command line, where I use the new
version for the first command out of the release notes, the ominous
"pfexec pkg update SUNWipkg at 0.5.11-0.98".  It goes its merry way,
announcing "Creating Plan" and whatnot, seeming to have run its course
normally.  So I attempt the next command, "pfexec pkg update
entire at 0.5.11-0.98"...whereupon pkg collapses on a python ld.so "fatal:
relocation error: ... referenced symbol not found".

Apparently I've just bricked my Solaris VM.


This is genuinely inspired.  You can't make up stuff like this.

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