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Daniel Owens dhowens at pmbx.net
Sat Nov 29 05:33:24 MST 2008

Would there be room for a project to collaborate on creating some Greek 
and Hebrew dictionaries under some form of Creative Commons license, 
perhaps starting from Strongs and updating with more recent scholarship, 
to provide freely-distributable content that works with SWORD and can be 
translated freely into other languages? I know that's a bit far away 
from papyri and such, but it could serve the global church.


Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> After having stated official current policies...
> We have been developing a new community framework which will allow teams 
> to collaborate on a number of project types-- including some specialized 
> levels of content creation.
> The idea is to have a community site hosting specialized tools to 
> facilitate certain types of distributed collaboration projects.  A 
> domain expert / scholar should be able to login, see which projects are 
> active, see an overall status of a particular project and where there is 
> need, and contribute as they have skills and time.  When they log in, 
> they will see other volunteers currently online which are members of 
> projects they have joined.  As they work, they will have the ability to 
> chat in realtime with other co-workers.
> The goals are to build relationships and community among scholars, and 
> to facilitate development of specialized datasets.
> Some examples of community projects:
> Interlinear tagging of Bibles, reusing the tools and experience we 
> gained from the KJV2003 project,
> Image registry for ancient papyri-- collaborating with 
> http://www.csntm.org/ and Münster,
> Transcriptions of ancient papyri,
> Translations of ancient transcriptions (including DDP, PHI7, etc.).
> Maintaining organizational SWORD module repositories, e.g. Wycliffe, 
> UBS, etc.
> We would love to have help.  Please see and complain about the next 
> email regarding technology.
> 	-Troy.
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