[sword-devel] Web Technologies Standards at CrossWire

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Nov 29 02:46:54 MST 2008

There are a number of languages which are useful, and some even better 
for particular tasks than other.

CrossWire policy is to use:


whenever possible.

Before complaining, have a look at:


All of our web development uses fairly simple Java-based JSP 
technologies, even if fairly sophisticated deeper down (e.g., 
JSP->CORBA->C++ SWORD Engine).

Have a look at our examples of how to use our JSP technologies with the 
same engine that is built into all of our natively compiled frontends 
(BibleDesktop and Alkatab being the notable non-native frontend exceptions).


We try to stay away from complex 3rd party Java frameworks when we can 
(e.g. STRUTS) and stay backward compatible with older versions of Java 
(1.5 at least, probably no longer 1.4) unless there is a very good 
reason to break these rules.

Please consider picking up a basic Java/JSP book and ignore the second 
half :)

And volunteer your time on some of our exciting projects.


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