[sword-devel] Web Technologies Standards at CrossWire

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at web.de
Sat Nov 29 06:22:48 MST 2008

Am 29.11.2008 um 10:46 schrieb Troy A. Griffitts:

> CrossWire policy is to use:
> C++
> Java

I found Groovy (http://groovy.codehaus.org/) be a very good help as it  
makes things much easier in terms of scripting things or dealing with  
regular expression but staying on the Java Platform on the same time.

> We try to stay away from complex 3rd party Java frameworks when we can
> (e.g. STRUTS) and stay backward compatible with older versions of Java
> (1.5 at least, probably no longer 1.4) unless there is a very good
> reason to break these rules.

I gathered quite a bit experience in JSF (JavaServer Faces) in the  
last years.
All I can say is that the existence of frameworks like these have  
their reason.
Once you are in they make your life much easier. Your code will get  
cleaner and much more maintainable which after all saves a lot of time.


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