[sword-devel] Community dot CrossWire dot Org

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Nov 29 02:33:42 MST 2008

After having stated official current policies...

We have been developing a new community framework which will allow teams 
to collaborate on a number of project types-- including some specialized 
levels of content creation.

The idea is to have a community site hosting specialized tools to 
facilitate certain types of distributed collaboration projects.  A 
domain expert / scholar should be able to login, see which projects are 
active, see an overall status of a particular project and where there is 
need, and contribute as they have skills and time.  When they log in, 
they will see other volunteers currently online which are members of 
projects they have joined.  As they work, they will have the ability to 
chat in realtime with other co-workers.

The goals are to build relationships and community among scholars, and 
to facilitate development of specialized datasets.

Some examples of community projects:

Interlinear tagging of Bibles, reusing the tools and experience we 
gained from the KJV2003 project,

Image registry for ancient papyri-- collaborating with 
http://www.csntm.org/ and Münster,

Transcriptions of ancient papyri,

Translations of ancient transcriptions (including DDP, PHI7, etc.).

Maintaining organizational SWORD module repositories, e.g. Wycliffe, 
UBS, etc.

We would love to have help.  Please see and complain about the next 
email regarding technology.


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