[sword-devel] cease and desist

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Nov 29 03:17:56 MST 2008

Dear Eeli,

I value you and many others on this list as personal friends.  I will 
not allow personal malignment the likes we've seen here, from all 
parties involved, over the past few days, to continue on this list.  If 
you have a specific issue about a particular area I have covered, please 
comment on the appropriate thread.  If it is anything I have missed, 
short of judgement of personal characters, please send me a private 
email and I will attempt to publicly comment on the issue.

Having read all material for these threads, it is apparent that emotions 
have governed many responses with a disregard for solving any particular 
problem.  There were problems of misunderstanding and policy 
disagreements.  There are problems like these still and some actual 
technical problems to be solved.  These will not be used as an 
opportunity to express discontent with personal performances and 
attitudes.  We don't all have to like eachother, and we don't all have 
to make eachother who we feel Christ wants them to be.  We are all 
passionate about different areas.  We have to learn to work together 
with others like-minded, and encourage those not-like-minded in their work.

Chris knows I think he's often too abrasive.  Karl is less often more 
abrasive.  DM and I have fought over methodologies of development for 
years.  We don't hate eachother; we just disagree.  It's not going to be 
a perfect community because we are all saturated with sin.  Someday we 
won't be, but not short of Christ's return.

I sincerely believe the policy statements I've articulated are truly the 
best for everyone and this project.  I've tried to listen to all 
concerns.  I believe we've done the best we can to balance maintaining 
high standards at CrossWire and to still encourage others to hosts 
content themselves.  Please understand I truly mean this.  I am SO 
APPRECIATIVE of Karl's alternative repository because it gets content 
out fast and lets me say in my mind, "if someone complains that it 
doesn't work on XXX platform, I can always say, 'well, talk to Karl!'" 
And I'm serious about that; I really love that situation!  I get the 
best of both worlds!  I'm excited for other repositories to pop up.

Eeli, please know I value the feedback, but I don't appreciate the 
malicious empty abuse that has plagued this list for the past few days.


Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
> Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>> The recent personal accusations on this list will not be tolerated. 
>> Please take your work elsewhere if you cannot refrain from personal 
>> attacks when disagreeing or not getting your way.
>> There are very few technical issues discussed in this thread.  It has 
>> almost entirely been a matter of personal attack.
>> I will again reiterate my previous comments on the actual issues, and in 
>> separate emails-- one per topic.  Please comment on the appropriate 
>> threads if you can do so constructively and with some new information.
>> I take responsibility for not halting these threads days ago.
>> 	-Troy A. Griffitts
> Troy,
> Your post made me feel very, very bad. You have no idea. Actually I'm 
> weeping right now, and this is not a figure of speech. If several people 
> finally, after years, explicitly speak out their concerns and feelings, 
> how can you turn them back? I can very well relate to most of the 
> personal concerns raised here. I was going to write a lengthy leatter 
> but most of the things have already been said by others. This is enough 
> this time. I hope people can still work with you even when honest 
> discussion is forbidden.
> --Eeli Kaikkonen
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