[sword-devel] Authoritative Module Sources

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Nov 29 01:34:18 MST 2008

CrossWire is primarly a software development organizations and is 
currently NOT an authoritative source for content, by policy.  This has 
only a rare few exceptions, e.g. KJV2003.

There are a number of reasons for this.  Many have been discussed 
historically and the rationale should be posted somewhere so we don't 
have to keep defending policy decision every few months when newcomers 
challenge CrossWire policy.  I will do my best to defend it here, so as 
to make sure rationale is at least articulated in the public archive 
under an appropriate subject-- hopefully this will make it into the wiki.

There are other organizations who are dedicated to being authoritative 
text sources.  One of these organizations is CCEL, with whom CrossWire 
has a very good relationship.  We want to encourage their ministry, as 
they have encouraged our ministry.  If there is not a good document 
source for a particular area of interest which you feel the need to 
contribute toward.  Please join CCEL and produce your work there.

They have thoroughly thought through the process of content creation, 
have good tools for doing such and continue to improve those tools. 
CrossWire has no desire to attempt to duplicate their work, but instead 
seeks to encourage their efforts as we share together in different areas 
of service.

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