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Familie von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Nov 28 17:27:12 MST 2008

jhphx wrote:
> Matthew wrote:
>> 2. The sword project should maintain sources via svn of at the very
>> least the public domain resources. There is very clear community
>> consensus on this point as well.
> If by sources and resources you mean texts, then I have to question 
> this. Maybe you are right but there are some points about maintaining 
> texts and allowing easy editing that leads to confusion and errors. You 
> certainly don't want some of the shenanigans that happened at Wikipedia. 
> Even with safeguards to avoid those mistakes you still want people that 
> can follow protocol and avoid the temptation to act solely on their own 
> extensive knowledge and judgment without confirmation that they are in 
> fact right. I say this because when I was handling error reports for 
> texts at another project often errors which seemed obviously to be 
> errors were not errors and correcting them would have inserted errors 
> where none were before. In something like Weymouth's version of Mat 
> 12:41 "and mark! there is One greater than Jonah here," some people will 
> think that "mark" should be "hark" or "behold". "Mark" does not sound 
> right to some ears. You could end up with a text that cycles through 
> errors and corrections. These may seem like minor errors but it goes to 
> credibility if care is not taken. Think Wikipedia. There is also the 
> problem of what it means to be faithful to original sources, witch can 
> make for differences of opinion on what is an error. Perhaps it is good 
> to have someone with the last word on these matters.

I think you concerns are extremely valid, Jerry, but I also think no one
of us was particularly interested in 'correcting' actual text, but
rather wanted a way of creating OSIS/ThML/whatever out of an underlying
text in a reproducable fashion - particularly when a lot of hand editing
would be necessary. I privately have started to use svn for just this.

> Also, even if these things need to be done do they need to be done under 
> CrossWire and The SWORD Project? I can see reasons for and against. Some 
> that probably shouldn't be discussed in a public forum.

CrossWire is the natural focus for this. But it looks as other options
need to be explored.
> All I am saying is be sure you have considered this carefully and that 
> you know all the issues and not just your own preferences in this.
> Jerry
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