[sword-devel] summary

Familie von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Nov 28 17:22:27 MST 2008

Matthew Talbert wrote:
> Chris, primarily because of your attitude in this and other times as
> well, going back for a couple of years, I am at the end of my patience
> for this project. I have no desire to help any longer. You do not
> understand, I think, that only the very brave would even consider
> suggesting something to you, because you almost always respond
> harshly. I have watched many new people come and go because of this.
> Best of luck to you and your project.


This is Chris and not the project. Chris is in a controlling position
specifically with modules, but he is not the project leader. And the
royal we in use is just this, a royal we and not a plural one. At least
no plural has been demonstrated so far. Reference to the silent majority
is not convincing.


instead of demanding proof of concepts and highly complicated constructs
before you deign to listen to us, we actually have asked only for one
single thing - that the modules at crosswire.org address is jointly read
and jointly used in order to increase throughput. Beta had  historically
6 or 7 maintainers, you are the only one left active. I guess a few
others to join would actually not break any precendence. Just your
control. BTW I realised that I have beta write access. mgruner and
jansorg from Bibletime have too. Probably we should just start making
use of it instead of whining.


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