[sword-devel] summary

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Fri Nov 28 21:02:14 MST 2008

Familie von Kaehne wrote:
> Chris,
> instead of demanding proof of concepts and highly complicated constructs
> before you deign to listen to us, we actually have asked only for one
> single thing - that the modules at crosswire.org address is jointly read
> and jointly used in order to increase throughput. Beta had  historically
> 6 or 7 maintainers, you are the only one left active. I guess a few
> others to join would actually not break any precendance. Just your
> control. BTW I realised that I have beta write access. mgruner and
> jansorg from Bibletime have too. Probably we should just start making
> use of it instead of whining.

That history is a bit off. Initially, of course, Troy handled module 
submissions. Gradually, others of us were given permissions to do 
content updates. Eventually, after we split off the content testing from 
alpha pages and created the beta repository, the same set were given 
permission to update beta modules.

Traditionally, everyone has uploaded and maintained his own content. 
Traditionally, it's only been developers who were technically capable of 
producing content. In recent years, as our import tools have so vastly 
improved and we've focused on supporting standard encodings, it has 
greatly opened the field, permitting individuals with far less technical 
expertise to still make a contribution to content.

We started getting module submissions to sword-support, which often got 
neglected and lost in that list if they didn't get noticed. Some time 
last year, Troy set up modules at crosswire.org to forward to me, since I 
was the modules pumpkinholder. I have that role because I have produced 
most of our content and consequently have the most experience, and 
because when submissions came in pre-modules at crosswire.org, it was 
usually I who handled them.

Betamods hasn't ever had 6 or 7 maintainers. Others with permissions to 
write within betamods have those permissions basically for managing 
their own content because of demonstrated competence in doing so.
So, you're certainly welcome to make use of that privilege for your own 
content, provided you maintain our standards (validation, good metadata, 
naming conventions, distribution permission, etc.).


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